Monday, 30 October 2017


Today we received an email from Alberta Drachen, a world famous Dragonologist.

She asked for our help in finding out which type of dragon visited Papakowhai School over the weekend. A video was taken by a dog walker, you can view this below.

We read up about two types of dragons known to live in our area and explored the bottom field for clues.

We're awaiting an email back from Alberta checking the size of the dragon, but at this stage we think it is the Porirua Thunder Dragon.

This dragon is a vegetarian, loves to play chess and is often kept as a pet.

After about an hour of working through this we discussed how we felt about the possibility of a dragon nearby and whether we thought it was real or not. After a 50/50 True/False count, I decided to let the children know that it was fictional. This set many minds at ease.

Chess piece


Vegetable peelings

Raghav checking out the footprints

Art mistaken as bloody paper

Claw markings

Looking for more evidence

Twigs (snacks)

Branches (snacks)

This is a great writing prompt. From here we will create our own dragon, deciding on it's habitat, features, likes and dislikes. This will be our writing for the next two weeks.

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