Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

We did some bug sorting today in our Inquiry groups.
Tell someone at home which group you are in.

Get NZ Writin

We joined a nationwide writing programme which involved being paired with a buddy class from Pillan's Point School in Tauranga.

We put this together for the other class and posted it them last week...

A poster about us

A  postcard puzzle with metaphors about ourselves on the back.

And they posted a package back.

It arrived on Tuesday!
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 So exciting!

This is their puzzle.

Thank you Room 9 from Pillans Point School!

This is their poster about themselves.

Come and see a copy of ours and their poster in our classroom soon!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Capital E - Anika Moa show

What a venue!

Finding a spot to sit.

Anika, the Witch and a Taniwha

Mosh pit

Great entertainment from Anika

Great work out!

Capital E - lunch and city walk

Lunch time!

Lunch time entertainment - balloon lady.

Hide Miss Fairy

Sarah's group.

Aruna's group.

Mrs Siwalette's group

Still hiding Miss Fairy

Where can she be?

Still can't find her!

Justin's group.

Heading off to the Opera House

What a day for it!

Educational pitstop.

Outside the Opera House waiting to see Anika Moa!

Captial E trip - First two shows

Hoping on the bus in Papakowhai
Waiting for the Whale Rider show to begin inside Te Papa
Te Papa Marae
Second show, cleaners at sea. The children are getting a good clean here.
Ms Martindale's turn!

Bryce was chosen to help raise the flag. 

Leave it to the professionals...