2 Times Table Shoot-out
5 TImes Table Shoot-out
10 Times Table Shoot-out

Maths Facts:

Here are some fun Basic Facts games!

  • Math Lines!
  • Can You Make 5? 10? 100?
  • Math Match! It is like memory, but with maths facts. Choose the easy or medium level and either adding (+) or subtracting (-)
  • Submarine Game - you need a buddy! - You can find a buddy to play this 'Submarine Game' with. It is all about adding on ten! Get someone at home to play with you too.
  • Save the Whale! - See if you can Save the Whale by sticking together the pipes that add together to make 10!
  • Frog Jumps! 
  • Counting Cars!
  • Caterpillar Slider
  • Oxford Owl Maths Games! - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and there are some games you can try! There is also a Maths book to read... I wonder what it's about?
  • Funky Mummy Addition - Click 'Next' to start the game! Make sure you give it enough time to load.
  • Math Journey: Greater and Less Than - Watch as the boy runs across the screen collecting keys... but oh no! He keeps getting stuck. Can you solve the maths problems to help him? Think about your greater than and less than signs... Remember that they are like crocodiles, and eat the bigger number!
  • Fruit Shoot! - This game helps you practice adding up numbers!
  • Bullet Ball - This game helps you practice adding up numbers! Practice your numbers that add to 5 and your  numbers that add to 10!


Here are some fun fractions activities you can do at home.


Multiplication and Skip-Counting Games:

  • NUMBER NINJA! - Do you want to be a ninja? If you do, try this one! Click '2', '5', '10' or '3' and then swipe any numbers that you would say if you were skip-counting in that number! Can you get 100%?
  • Fruit Shoot Skip-Counting - Try skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. If you want a challenge, see if you can skip-count in 3s too! Shoot the piece of fruit that fits in the gap.
  • Hot Air Balloon Skip-Counting in 2s - Can you get the balloons to the top of the Washington Monument?
  • Can you figure out these multiplication questions? - Have a go at these word problems. Can you solve them by using your skip counting knowledge?

Statistics Games:

  • The Data Bank Research Company Game! - Tally, make a bar graph, and answer questions!
  • Molly at the Zoo! - Medium level is counting the animals, hard is counting the bars on a bar graph, and really hard is answering questions! Which level can you do?
  • Crocodile Tallies! - To practice your tallying skills, try out this game. You have to jump around as a crocodile; Miss Simpkins loves it!!
  • Class Survey Game! - find out the kids answers to a question, add up the tally marks, make a bar graph and a pictogram! The pictogram is tricky, so think carefully....

Games about Shapes!

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